Saturday, May 20, 2017

Animal Crackers - Peppermints are the BEST!

Howdy -

A few odds and ends photos this week. Snapped a few with my phone when something just caught me as a good photo... and this one with Hubby and "the men" was just too cute.

We had lunch earlier in the day at our favorite Mexican food restaurant... you know those little red and white peppermints you pick up on the way out? Well Hubby always picks up three... one for him, one for me and one extra.... then he saves them all for the donkeys! LOL Sometimes the standard 3 donkeys get them, sometimes the men in the new front pen. And let me tell you they all LOVE getting their peppermint treats! A favorite for sure. Lips go out sucking air in and out for the most cool refreshment! Ha! Diego, Rico and Miguel were requesting more than one a piece please -

I had to show off this photo of my little boy Autie. He cracks me up. He prances across the yard, I think he knows he looks handsome with his hair blowing in the wind!

 But then something will become serious - you know a donkey in the distance, Moxie the outside dog running by his fence, a goat, a chicken clucking in the pen next to the yard.. heck a butterfly... and he takes off and becomes a mess again. LOL

Now I think you all know that Hubby has a large "cat house" he rescued a few cats at his old business and rather than letting them die or get run over he built them a house and a large pen with logs and benches, indoor area with beds and heat lamps in the winter. Heck a really nice house and yard. They are safe and spoiled rotten. Well this photo of Samantha just cracked me up the other day.

This cat knows she is going to get attention and a few head rubs, ear scratches and loving. And some days a can of special cat food just cuz they are so special. Well the other day she was being extra vocal in getting my attention. Putting it all into that "MEEEOOOWW"  Eyes closed and as loud as she could. LOL ok... stop what I was doing and go in for some loving. Sorry,.... didn't have that can of food with me... "Dad will take it out later to you Samantha... " such a sweet kitty.

Speaking of sweet... how cut is Libbie in her "box"

The girl has beds in nearly every area of the house. Nice expensive cozy beds.... and nope she wanted to curl up in "Dads" Topo Chico box... What is it with children and liking the boxes? LOL

I am SOOO excited! Almost as excited as Hubby... You see a sweet lady that we sold a few goats too a while back, contacted us and remembered we wanted more Guineas... she has lots of babies!!!

Hope our old ladies are ready for some new friends!!

 We will get them in the next couple of days I think. They are still really little so will have to stay in our chick house until bigger. But then we will introduce them to the old girls. Hope they will show them the ropes and the good places to get in the goat pen.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend. We have rain in the forecast most all weekend. Praying we get it as things are drying out here and a little more green would be nice before the hot hot summer.

HUGS and

Friday, May 19, 2017

Whimsy Stamps May New Release - Kitty with Cake

Howdy -

More fun from Whimsy Stamps May Release! And how can you not love a "Kitty with Cake"?

I really don't know why I feel the need to color all my kitties with stripes... but I just have too! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then printed out some fun Whimsy Stamps Digital Papers. These are from Pet Papers 1 and Pet Papers 2 collections.  My ribbon is a cream colored satin seam binding ribbon... yes cream colored. Ok, so I colored it with my Copic to have it match my papers. :0) LOVE doing that!

The sentiment is a couple of Whimsy Stamps Dies new "Birthday Wishes & Magical" set. Great dies! Perfect size too!

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used - 

Now you must go and see all the new Whimsy Stamps items for yourself!!!! HERE

Have a wonderfully blessed day -
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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Whimsy Stamps May Release - Sand Pail Creatures


New Release time at Whimsy Stamps!!! This May Release has more wonderful new things as it all Whimsy Stamps products are!

For my first card I went for a fun childs or guy card. I just love the new "Sand Pail Creatures" by Krista Heij-Barber.

Now when I first started this card I was going pastels beachy... and some how things just ended up going bold and totally different! I think for starts I found my pencils... so I did a bit of Copics and then added more bold texture with my pencils. When the image went bold I guess the papers did as well. Red White and Black.. with a bit of table cloth looking pattern paper from Paper Studio. I sewed all the layers down and found a fun Birthday Sentiment from Whimsy Stamps Clear collections, "Happy Birthday to You final" Love this set! One of those must haves! for sure!

And then I just had to add lots of those Whimsy Stamps Enamel Dots! Adore those!

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic and Pencils used -

Now you must hurry... see all the new Whimsy Stamps Release! HERE 

Have a wonderfully blessed day -
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Girlfriends

Howdy -

Still having some fun with High Hopes Stamps Darling Divas! These girls are so fun to color and create with! For my card this week I made a special card for someone special.

Here is the new stamp "Girlfriends"

Aren't they sweet? I colored with my copics (colors below) and then found some papers from paper studio with kraft card stock and peach coredi'nations card stock. All the edges of everything are inked with Rangers Distress Ink and then sewed together. A few punches with Martha Stewarts Large Frond leaf punches and then mulberry roses. Now a favorite trick... my roses... they are pink. Ok originally they were pink. I didn't have peach colored roses... so I used my Copics to change the color.

Inside more of all the same papers -

Copic colors used -

Now you know you want to play with the Darling Divas too! Click right HERE to see them all and see which friends you would like to meet!

Have a blessed day!
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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Animal Crackers - mmm Green Beans are Good!

Howdy -

First photo today I wanted to show you how good my children are... they love to eat up all their green beans no fussing at all! Well the three inside dogs anyway.. LOL

They love their "treats" of green beans a couple times a week! Don't tell them it isn't a real treat like ice cream or cake... but for them they think it is the best! We have to place their three bowls on opposite ends of the kitchen all at the same time or there could be war! LOL Autie is always last to finish his... he likes to enjoy his more that the girls that just inhale. Ha!

Been a little while since I shared our young MEN... Ok so poor Pavo isn't a Man anymore, he has been gelded, but he lives with the other two and we like to let him think he is still a real stud in his own mind.

This guy is a real smooth talker... just look at the way he wiggles those lips from side to side! Even if he isn't able to be a "man"  he is one sweet boy!

Now Jorge... sweet as he is this guy is 110% testosterone! Way to much attitude in a little body!

He and Sergio have calmed down a bit lately, but there for a while they were not good 1/2 brothers. I would love to find someone that wants to breed this guy and sell him as I know he would make fabulous little babies... but first I have to get Hubby to actually say he is available.. he seems to forget when people are here looking.

But then again I can't complain too much as I have completely vetoed Sergio from ever going anywhere.

My little orphan bucket baby. We have agreed that we are going to let him breed in the next year or two... but first have to get another pen built for him to host his ladies. If only there were more time.. and money to do all that we need to do!!

I have tried to snap a photo of our newest residents on our back porch. But man that is one deep long birds nest!!

 Momma bird comes and goes all day long and really seems to be taking great care of her babies. And honestly I don't want to spook her too much... but I am going to find a way to capture a photo before they fly off. I don't know if you can tell... but if you look close you can see a few Guinea feathers in the nest... love that they picked up a few to build with... adds softness and decor you know! :0)

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend! Chores all weekend around here! Fun!
HUGS and

Friday, May 12, 2017

Whimsy Stamps - Penguin Gardner

Howdy -

This week for Whimsy Stamps I had fun with the new set by Crissy Armstrong, Penguin Gardner. A fun new set with lots to play with!!

Now first you have to know there are three different penguins and lots of sentiments to work with. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then matted with black card stock. LOTS of pattern papers, with more white, black and hot pink card stock. The pattern papers are from Paper Studio. I sewed all the layers down, and then added some Whimsy Enamel Dots.

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used -

An adorable set of stamps that I am positive you will have lots of fun with! I know I am! See it HERE and all the newest Whimsy Stamps and Dies!

Have a blessed day! HUGS and

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Blossom

Howdy -

Have you seen all the wonderful Darling Divas at High Hopes Stamps? They are so much fun to play with!

This is Blossom -

Isn't she pretty? And how can you not love that little doggie? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found some bold papers from Paper Studio. Black card stock for the base and pink mats all sewn together. I used Whimsy die cuts "happy birthday" and then Martha Stewart large leaf punches and branches and even more mulberry roses and flowers.

Inside more of the same papers

Copic colors used -

To see all the fun Darling Divas you can click straight to them HERE. There are some really fun images for lots of fun projects! And do make sure to visit the High Hopes Blog HERE and get lots of inspiration and play along with the monthly challenge to win images for your self.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!
HUGS and

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Animal Crackers - Beautiful Girls

Howdy -

First up how about Miss Chica... my little girl that I adore and cry from frustration with. She is so beautiful, so sweet, so loving and so exhausting. It is not possible for her to stay still... or to keep her tongue in! Yep she is a serious licker! But can't imagine life without her!

Beautiful right? Love her to pieces. 

Now you know how some girls just look great in stiletto heels? Or a Minni skirt? or heck yoga pants! Well Chloe is one that is just stunning in her horns! And BTW... I look great in any of the above myself! yoga pants??? uh no sweat pants or flannel pjs are more my style!! ha! 

Chloe is a beautiful goat and has given us gorgeous kids in the past, and she has probably the prettiest horns of all our goats. Long and slender!

Now a trio of pretty ladies... My girls that are in with Raffie to be bred!!

First is Lacey

My big girl, that has a beautiful reddish brown coloring. Most all her babies have looked just like her. Once she gave us a spot... fingers crossed for this time! But if it comes out looking just like her I will be just as happy! And all of her babies have that fabulous obnoxious personality.

Victoira... I believe I have told you more than once about how we breed her with Raffie to get those amazing spots on a baby... and more than once we have gotten a solid brown baby!

LOL but they are always little and adorable. Just once though I would love to get some of those black spots from Victoria! And those green eyes! But so far just thrilled with the fun little babies we have had.

Now little Miss Pepita is our first time Momma... and I am SO excited to see what we get there! Solid Black momma with brown and white spot daddy????

And both Pepita and Raffie are really little so it should be a tiny baby... now you may be asking.. what is she looking at???


Raffie was trotting over making LOTS of noise! Every time we go out for head scratches and loving he is worried crazy that we are going to take his ladies away from him!! We will one day but not quite yet. Things are getting calmer, not so much running, chasing and "getting" going on lately, but for now we will leave them in place just to make sure things got done. LOL

Have to show off Hubby's garden! He got the Zucchini squash planted last week... And look already!!

 Oh already pulling out all my yummy zucchini recipes! Can't wait! If you are wondering what the container is??? Recycling.. this is a shipping container for beer kegs! Don't drink here.. but happy to reuse this great container for our garden!

Now I can pass on the watermelon .. not a big fan myself. But I just had to show you how well they are going...

Ok, may not like the taste.. but common that is really adorable right? Ha!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend! The weather here is suppose to be gorgeous this weekend so I am seeing lots of outdoor time before it gets too hot around here.

Hugs and -

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Whimsy Stamps - Love Ewe!

Howdy -

Another new image that I just adore from Whimsy Stamps!! This is "Love Ewe!" by Krista Heij-Barber. Adorable right?

I colored with my Copics (colors below). The image is so cute I wanted to keep the card simple. I used a piece of Paper Studio papers along with White and Black card stock that I sewed down the layers. Then a few small dots Viva Decor Black Pearl Pen in the corners. .... Love this one!

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used -

Really sweet image and there are so many more to see!! Click HERE to see all the new at Whimsy Stamps!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!
HUGS and

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Bubbles

Howdy -

Have you gone to see all the new Darling Divas at High Hopes Stamps? You must! Today I did a little coloring with "Bubbles"

Isn't she pretty? Enjoying luxury! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and of course for all those bubbles we needed lots of Rangers Diamond Stickles! I matched up with some papers from Paper Studio with white and dark pink card stock that are all sewed together with a zig zag stitch. The sentiment is a Whimsy Digital and then mulberry roses and a Martha Stewart large leaf punch.

Inside more of the same papers.

Copic colors used -

Now you must click over and see all the Darling Divas at the High Hopes Stamps website! click HERE to see them all!

Have a wonderfully blessed day -
Hugs and -

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Whimsy Stamps Digital Release - Gertie

Howdy -

New Month and that means lots of new images to play with! There is a new Whimsy Stamps Digital Release and this month there are a couple of all time favorites! I fell in love with Gertie once before and was so thrilled to have her back.

Thought I would show off my card with Crissy Armstrong's Gertie from a while back.

Isn't she just too fabulous?? I colored her with my Copic. Yes colored boldly! And added her to some DCWV papers that are sewn down with lots of mats. A satin ribbon and a die cut sentiment of "What's Up?". Then Gertie needed just a bit more fun... so I colored a second image (just her face) then pop dotted it over the main image and then added some dimensional glaze to her eyes so they would pop.. and some pearl adhesive dots for bubbles.

Close up -

She is so much fun! Make sure to click over to the Whimsy Stamps site and see all the digital fun! HERE 

Have a blessed day -
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