Saturday, May 27, 2017

Animal Crackers - Chirp Chirp Chirp

Howdy -

We have been so excited this week over our new family members. Saturday afternoon we got 10 new teeny tiny baby Guineas!! Thank you so much Susan for thinking of us when finding homes for your babies.

These little "keets"  (baby Guineas) are just too cute. Seriously so small! Our 10 little ones ranged from one day to a couple of weeks old. They have settled into the chick hut on our back porch and are eating, drinking and sleeping well. Sleeping very well... so well that sometimes they just fall over while eating... LOL Then they jump up and run to huddle with the others.

Now in most young ones king of the hill is the winner... but with these little ones it is all about the bottom. They pile up and then whoever is on top will roll off and then squish themselves under the bottom. They are such a waste of time! We both have stood there forever watching them.

What is different from them and baby chickens... well these keets are skittish and well, besides running from end to end of their new hut... they take off and fly! So that chicken wire top has to stay as closed down as possible!

We have not named them yet... as you see they move like lightening and a are a blur unless asleep. Only one has a nickname so far. We were thrilled that we were able to get one solid white keet! I have been calling "it" Snowflake. Hubby rolls his eyes and says no... but I like that name. I think it is cute. LOL

 Hope they all stay so healthy and grow up to love living in the goat pen with our two old lady Guineas.... I think our future is going to get much noisier!

So a couple of weeks ago I was telling you about the birds nest up on a wood carving on our back porch. Wrens, both Momma and Daddy have been coming and going all day long for weeks. Every year we get a nest somewhere on or around the back porch. I have tried so hard to leave them alone and not intrude... but this week I just had get a peek!

 Now with my tip toes, arm stretched out and camera as far as I could stretch this is all I could get. I don't do chairs or ladders well... accident prone and no depth perception I avoid climbing unless it is a totally have to situation. So as soon as Hubby came home from the feed store I did my little pout face, pretty please and he gave in and got me a fabulous photo down in the nest!

There are at least 5 or 6 little birdies down in there! Love how that nest is made up of hay.. Guinea feathers AND... DONKEY HAIR! So adorable!!!!  We snapped quick and then went back in the house... Momma and Daddy flew right back in to make sure we didn't touch their children. Hope they brought something to eat as that one looks really hungry!!

Hope you have a totally blessed weekend!
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Whimsy Stamps - Peony Flowers!

Howdy -

Shocker alert here...  I didn't color todays card! But I did have a lot of fun making it! Have you seen Whimsy Stamps new Peony Flower Die set? Oh my can you say "in love"?  Created by one of my crafting hero's and happy to say friends Bev Rochester! This set has moved to the top of my favorites with just my first use!

Here is my first card with all the pretty Peony Flowers I made.

I die cut LOTS of flowers in the three sizes, with core'dinations card stock. And then a few of the leaves as well.  I sanded each flower to show off the great layers of the core'dinations card stock. I kept a wet paper towel and got each flower damp and rolled the edges of each petal, then sat aside to dry. Once dry I inked the edges with Ranger Distress Ink and then stacked them up and put together with brads. Did the same with the leaves. Then I found a piece of Paper Studio pattern kraft paper along with a light brown card stock. I die cut out the new Whimsy die "Cherry Blossom Panel" and inked it to give more contrast. Then sewed all the layers together and found one more Whimsy Stamps Word die "celebrate" for my sentiment.

So happy with the vintage feel of this one! And ADORE those flowers! Sitting here on pins and needles waiting for the next new set! LOL

Inside more of the same papers -

Go see all the new items at Whimsy Stamps HERE You won't be sorry!!!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Ella & Chi Chi

Howdy -

Today I am showing off another one of High Hopes Stamps Darling Divas. This is Ella & Chi Chi -

I colored with my Copics (colors below) I cut out Ella & Chi Chi with a small border around them. For my base I used a Kraft Card Stock then found papers from Paper Studio's Blue Barn collection. I sewed all they layers together and then added three Enamel Dots for a little embellishment. For my sentiment I used the fun High Hopes Stamps "Happy Thoughts" Great sentiment for so many cards.

Copic colors used -

These Darling Divas are so much fun to color and use! To see them all click HERE

Have a wonderfully blessed day!
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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Animal Crackers - Peppermints are the BEST!

Howdy -

A few odds and ends photos this week. Snapped a few with my phone when something just caught me as a good photo... and this one with Hubby and "the men" was just too cute.

We had lunch earlier in the day at our favorite Mexican food restaurant... you know those little red and white peppermints you pick up on the way out? Well Hubby always picks up three... one for him, one for me and one extra.... then he saves them all for the donkeys! LOL Sometimes the standard 3 donkeys get them, sometimes the men in the new front pen. And let me tell you they all LOVE getting their peppermint treats! A favorite for sure. Lips go out sucking air in and out for the most cool refreshment! Ha! Diego, Rico and Miguel were requesting more than one a piece please -

I had to show off this photo of my little boy Autie. He cracks me up. He prances across the yard, I think he knows he looks handsome with his hair blowing in the wind!

 But then something will become serious - you know a donkey in the distance, Moxie the outside dog running by his fence, a goat, a chicken clucking in the pen next to the yard.. heck a butterfly... and he takes off and becomes a mess again. LOL

Now I think you all know that Hubby has a large "cat house" he rescued a few cats at his old business and rather than letting them die or get run over he built them a house and a large pen with logs and benches, indoor area with beds and heat lamps in the winter. Heck a really nice house and yard. They are safe and spoiled rotten. Well this photo of Samantha just cracked me up the other day.

This cat knows she is going to get attention and a few head rubs, ear scratches and loving. And some days a can of special cat food just cuz they are so special. Well the other day she was being extra vocal in getting my attention. Putting it all into that "MEEEOOOWW"  Eyes closed and as loud as she could. LOL ok... stop what I was doing and go in for some loving. Sorry,.... didn't have that can of food with me... "Dad will take it out later to you Samantha... " such a sweet kitty.

Speaking of sweet... how cut is Libbie in her "box"

The girl has beds in nearly every area of the house. Nice expensive cozy beds.... and nope she wanted to curl up in "Dads" Topo Chico box... What is it with children and liking the boxes? LOL

I am SOOO excited! Almost as excited as Hubby... You see a sweet lady that we sold a few goats too a while back, contacted us and remembered we wanted more Guineas... she has lots of babies!!!

Hope our old ladies are ready for some new friends!!

 We will get them in the next couple of days I think. They are still really little so will have to stay in our chick house until bigger. But then we will introduce them to the old girls. Hope they will show them the ropes and the good places to get in the goat pen.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend. We have rain in the forecast most all weekend. Praying we get it as things are drying out here and a little more green would be nice before the hot hot summer.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Whimsy Stamps May New Release - Kitty with Cake

Howdy -

More fun from Whimsy Stamps May Release! And how can you not love a "Kitty with Cake"?

I really don't know why I feel the need to color all my kitties with stripes... but I just have too! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then printed out some fun Whimsy Stamps Digital Papers. These are from Pet Papers 1 and Pet Papers 2 collections.  My ribbon is a cream colored satin seam binding ribbon... yes cream colored. Ok, so I colored it with my Copic to have it match my papers. :0) LOVE doing that!

The sentiment is a couple of Whimsy Stamps Dies new "Birthday Wishes & Magical" set. Great dies! Perfect size too!

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used - 

Now you must go and see all the new Whimsy Stamps items for yourself!!!! HERE

Have a wonderfully blessed day -
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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Whimsy Stamps May Release - Sand Pail Creatures


New Release time at Whimsy Stamps!!! This May Release has more wonderful new things as it all Whimsy Stamps products are!

For my first card I went for a fun childs or guy card. I just love the new "Sand Pail Creatures" by Krista Heij-Barber.

Now when I first started this card I was going pastels beachy... and some how things just ended up going bold and totally different! I think for starts I found my pencils... so I did a bit of Copics and then added more bold texture with my pencils. When the image went bold I guess the papers did as well. Red White and Black.. with a bit of table cloth looking pattern paper from Paper Studio. I sewed all the layers down and found a fun Birthday Sentiment from Whimsy Stamps Clear collections, "Happy Birthday to You final" Love this set! One of those must haves! for sure!

And then I just had to add lots of those Whimsy Stamps Enamel Dots! Adore those!

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic and Pencils used -

Now you must hurry... see all the new Whimsy Stamps Release! HERE 

Have a wonderfully blessed day -
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Girlfriends

Howdy -

Still having some fun with High Hopes Stamps Darling Divas! These girls are so fun to color and create with! For my card this week I made a special card for someone special.

Here is the new stamp "Girlfriends"

Aren't they sweet? I colored with my copics (colors below) and then found some papers from paper studio with kraft card stock and peach coredi'nations card stock. All the edges of everything are inked with Rangers Distress Ink and then sewed together. A few punches with Martha Stewarts Large Frond leaf punches and then mulberry roses. Now a favorite trick... my roses... they are pink. Ok originally they were pink. I didn't have peach colored roses... so I used my Copics to change the color.

Inside more of all the same papers -

Copic colors used -

Now you know you want to play with the Darling Divas too! Click right HERE to see them all and see which friends you would like to meet!

Have a blessed day!
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